1. Bulls club is well aware to keep member’s personal information protected. We are determined to maintain the privacy of each candidate while they browse our websites and give out their general personal information.
  2. Bulls club generate the personal information and as well as non-personally identifiable information directly from the user which is volunteer by the user itself. Our information is gathered when users are requested to enter the information.
  3. What kind of information do we collect?
  4. When you sign-up for membership, we have to make sure we have the detail and accurate information about you and your real identification. So when you sign up for our programs or get the membership card we have the following information about you:Your full name including your first name, middle name and surname, Full Address, Work Address, Telephone/ mobile number, Email address, Age and Gender
  5. We may collect the general information about you including your personal and professional interest or any financial information regarding the credit or debit card payments; if any transaction is occurred through the websites or officially, records will be kept.
  6.  Bulls club will restrict an access to any data or information about you except to those employees who needs to have information to perform their job.
  7. Bulls club is committed to ensure that all your personal data and information are secure hence we strongly encourage you not to share your login information including your account information, password and code words. We suggest you not provide your confidential information through mail or phone text for instance your passwords which we will not ask in any case.